Kushal Kumar

Kushal Kumar

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Myself, Kushal Kumar - an interactive flexible tech stack software engineer that is versed in years of experience in web development, building scalable, responsive, UI-centric websites for clients. I also possess knowledge in data structures & algorithms alongside Photoshop and Clip Studio to create industry-ready seamless alluring websites.

Full-Stack Web Developer & UI/UX Designer.

I'm an Independent interactive software developer with years of experience in building design-centric scalable applications for the web/OS alike and appealing web experiences.

I specialize in visual design with a strong focus on fastness and user interactivity. I also love to illustrate elements to make each experience truly unique.

  • Birthday: 1 January, 2002
  • Email: dev@kushalkumarsaha.com
  • Mobile: +91 9123686897
  • City: Kolkata, India
  • Age: 22 M
  • Qualification: B.Sc. Computer Science
  • Currently: Full-Stack Dev @7eventzz
  • Freelance/Commissions: Available

Besides software development, I have a knack to build bots(discord bots in specific), to automate many a tasks, as well as a strong passion towards artworks and linearts(digital and hardcopy both). I keep a view into the future as works unfold, seeking to contribute towards a larger collective goal via the knowledge I possess and works I do.

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I seek to build my skills into the vast galaxy of the software field as time progresses.

Professional Experience

Full Stack Developer

May, 2024 - Ongoing
  Salt Lake, Kolkata
  • Developing intuitive scalable e-commerce applications using NextJS within time constraints
  • Handling client stakes and updating clients using optimum SDLC techniques
  • Helped increase CTR by 149.23% and user retention by 83.04%

Internship: Full Stack Developer

Oct, 2023 - Apr, 2024
  BHU, Varanasi
  • Managed a stronghold of company data, leveraging TS, Mongo and Django(backend) to ensure efficient client handling, scaling responses horizontally to meet client requirements
  • Deployed and managed Ed.Line: an edtech full-stack app, to scale to a user base of over 1200
  • Assisted in the prodcution of MakeIndias' official website, developing server-side logic to handle requests as needed

Python & Web Instructor

Jul, 2023 - Present
  • Taught a total of 38 paid students, with an average of 7 classes/day which solidified resolve for personal growth.
  • Assisted a student from Toronto, into learning python basics who led to ace her coding olympiads contest in Nov 2023.
  • Paced myself into the stream of american & british culture of communication that built personal interoperability skills.


DU Hacks 3.0

New Delhi, 24-26 Feb, 2024


  • Developed Pipme, a one-step package bundler to PyPI for your local python packages
  • Python3, msvcrt, linux, PIP, Bash

HackStreet 2.0

Online, 3-4 Feb, 2024


  • Created Gittify, an automation tool ensuring seamless GitHub contribution by itself.
  • Automation, PIP, CI/CD, Bash, Python3

Genesis 1.0

Online, 30-31 Jan, 2024

  • Built ProVisits, a digital visitng card creation tool, leveraging JSLIGO to save smart-contract on Tezos for each digital card.
  • Tezos Blockchain, JSLIGO, Django


B.Sc. Computer Science

St. Xavier's College, Kolkata
2020 - 2023
  CGPA: 8.51/10

  • Runners-up: eXabyte 2023 in web development category
  • Developed file tracking management software that increased in userbase usage by 470+ in under a week
  • Learnt backend & serverless using snowpack

10+2: ISC Board

Salt Lake Point School, Kolkata
2018 - 2020
  Score 95.0%

  • Computer: 100% | Mathematics: 99%
  • Learnt recursion in-depth and OOPS in Python
  • Won "Coding Cup: Senior Champs" award in Computers category
  • Ranked first in Salt Lake district for ISC board

Open Source Contributions

Redis Ltd.

Dec 2023


  • Created a waiting microservice to resolve Redis being unable to integrate to every user.
  • Shell code awaits for a brief time until TCP port and user both are ready, then the program executes the next flow of tasks.

Featured Projects

My projects revolve around industry-ready full-stack apps, to software automations, to utility/game bots development. A major time goes into the UI/UX of these all, which is a necessary need.

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I constantly seek to grow my skills set to develop more appealing softwares that would be the next IT solution to a real-life problem.

NextJS NuxtJS Astro TailwindCSS SCSS TypeScript


NodeJS ExpressJS Nest JS Django Flask PHP


MongoDB Cassandra MySQL PostgreSQL Redis Firebase


Docker Git NGINX GraphQL Prisma discord.py



Reach out to me via mail or contact and I will get back within 1-2 days positively.